Donna’s main axes are a custom signature PRS, a purple PRS CE22 called Elektra, a black PRS S2 Mira Semi-Hollow, a gold PRS 513 and a gold sparkle PRS Starla outfitted with a B5 Bigsby Vibrato.  She plays through PRS Archon 100 amps and Traynor YBX212 120-watt vertical slanted cabinets, some of which are outfitted with plexi-glass casing designed by Trinity Amps.  She uses custom, standard shaped, light guage (0.73mm), delrin picks to strum D'Addario EXL110 Nickel Wound and EPS510 ProSteeles regular light 10-46 gauge strings.  In her home studio she keeps several Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Tuners and Guitar Rests handy.  Donna's pedalboard rig, referred to by her techs as "The Starship", consists of 21 pedals across 3 interconnected boards.  It was built by Craig Pattison Rig Design and includes a TC Electronic Flashback Delay, Vortex Flanger and Hall Of Fame Reverb, and a BOSS Blues Driver BD-2, Flanger BF-3 and Loop Station RC-30, among others.  Donna's love of feedback is evidenced in her use of an EBow, as heard on the song "ANOTHERLOVE" from Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL's debut album, PLECTRUMELECTRUM and “MR MAJESTIC” from her debut album, DIAMONDS & DYNAMITE.  Most recently, Donna has been experimenting with the Empress Echosystem Dual Engine Delay that features up to 35 presets ranging from classic to obscure sounds.  She uses the pedal in-stereo creating complex delays by assigning unique settings to multiple cabinets.   


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